Armenia festivals 2017 agenda

Armenia’s tourism agenda is full of festivals. This year a number of tourism festivals will be held many of which became traditional, press service of the State Tourism Committee told “Armenpress”.

This year as usual Wine festival will be held in Rind, Areni villages in October. Usually, exhibition-sale of professional wine producers, as well as homemade wine producers is being organized, competition of wine producers, carpet exhibition, national music, dance, games, theatrical performances are being held within the framework of the festival.

Another important event is the Armenian Barbeque festival which will be held in August. Restaurants, public, private sector representatives present their barbeque making skills. The event is accompanied by Armenian song and dance.

In November Dolma festival will be held in Musaler Memorial Complex. It aims to boost the development of Armenian cuisine. The event participants prepare the traditional dish, everyone with his recipe.

Mulberry tree festival will be held in Goris in July. The participants are mainly the rural communities of Goris, those communities which traditionally prepare mulberry vodka.

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The next festival is Gata festival which will be held in Vayots Dzor in September. The festival participants present traditional dishes from the national cuisine, the biggest gata can be tasted.

Honey and Berry festival will be held in the city of Berd of Tavush province in August. The event is attended by beekeepers of Berd and the nearby regions, the farmers, producers. The visitors can taste the region’s delicious honey, berry. Concert is also being organized within the framework of the festival. Every year many artists join the festival for charity purposes. The festival aims to contribute to the economic, as well as tourism development of the city of Berd.

The number of festivals is not limited with this. The State Tourism Committee informs that those festival are in the spotlight of both tour-operators and tourists.

“Today there are many tourists who visit Armenia to take part in the festivals, here the role of tour-operators is very important who include the festivals in their tour packages, by this making the tourism groups take part in the festival in Armenia”, the Committee said.

Tourism’s decentralization to the provinces of the Republic, the development of tourism in communities, the discovery of economic potential in the communities for domestic and international market are among the major issues of state policy. These festivals are also a tool to diversify the Armenian tourism result. As the demand for festivals is gradually increasing, there is a need to form respective infrastructures. These events contribute to forming the necessary infrastructures in the hosting and nearby communities, in particular, the number of guest houses increases.

Source: Armenpress
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